Comelec public bidding fails

By , on March 6, 2015

Smartmatic PCOS machine (Comrade Mijur / Technically Juris on Blogspot)
Smartmatic PCOS machine (Comrade Mijur / Technically Juris on Blogspot)

MANILA — The Commission on Elections declared a failure in the public bidding for the election results transmission services in the 2016 presidential polls.

No bid proposal was submitted for the first competitive bidding for the provision of electronic results transmission solutions, management and services amounting to P558 million.

Smartmatic-Total Information Management (TIM) Corp, has earlier expressed intention to join the bidding by buying the bid document.

The company, however, wrote BAC the other day it will no longer be joining the biddng

“Unfortunately, recent developments regarding the PCOS bidding have created no small amount of uncertainty over the final number of voting machines to be used in 2016,” Smartmatic-TIM president for Asia Pacific Cesar Flores said in a statement.

“Not having this figure on hand, we were not in a position to come up with a reasonable proposal for the transmission project and thus have communicated to Comelec our intention not to participate in the tender.”