PHL embassy renews call on Filipinos to leave Yemen, repatriates 4 Filipinos

By on March 5, 2015

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Philippine Embassy representatives met recently with the Filipino Community in Sana’a, Yemen and renewed its urgent and firm call on all Filipinos to leave Yemen immediately due to the unstable political and security situation in the country. Four Filipinos have also been repatriated with tickets provided by the Embassy.

On February 27, Consul Winston Dean S. Almeda and Attaché Camaloddin P. Manggis met with 93 Filipinos, and a handful of foreign spouses, in Sana’a. The meeting was arranged by leaders of The Filipino Community in Yemen (TFCY), the main Filipino community organization in Yemen, based in Sanaa.

During the meeting, the Embassy representatives took the opportunity to reiterate the Embassy’s call for all Filipinos to immediately leave Yemen in view of the Alert Level 4 status (Mandatory Repatriation) in effect in the country. Consul Almeda also explained the details of the repatriation procedures for Filipinos in Yemen.

As a way to highlight the ongoing repatriation activities, the Embassy representatives announced the travel to Manila of four Filipinos on March 01. The Philippine Government had paid for the tickets of all four.

Filipinos who require the Embassy’s assistance for their repatriation are advised to follow the steps below:

1. Contact the Philippine Embassy Team in Sana’a at:

Crisis Management Team
Movenpick Hotel Sana’a
Berlin St., Sana’a, Yemen
Mobile: +967.73.384.4958

2. Secure a “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) from the sponsor of your entry visa or working visa, and have the sponsor / employer arrange the exit visa from the concerned authorities;

3. Bring the original of your Philippine Passport and NOC to the Embassy’s Team at Movenpick Hotel.   Passports of those for repatriation with expired validity will be extended gratis;

4. Those whose Philippine Passports have been lost, bring two (2) copies of ID-size photos for gratis issuance of Philippine Travel Documents;

5. Bring proof of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) membership if applicable; and,

6. Await advice from the Embassy on further procedures or arrangements for repatriation.

All Filipinos are urged to monitor the Embassy’s website at for further advisories.