And the top-paying jobs in the Philippines are…

By , on February 27, 2015

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MANILA – Job placement site recently released its Annual Salary Report 2015, which revealed that those who specialize in information technology (IT), as well as those with vast technical knowledge are the highest-paid employees in the Philippines.

The ten top-paying jobs, with their corresponding average monthly salaries, were listed, as follows:

• IT/computer-software jobs, junior executive level (1-4 years work experience) – P37,784
• IT/computer network/database administrators – P33,029
• Junior lawyers – P27,033
• Specialists in actuarial science/statistics – P27,032
• Engineering electronics/communications workers – P26,379
• Public relations/communications workers – P25,153
• Technical and helpdesk support workers – P25,078 s
• Sales-telesales/telemarketing representatives – P24,400
• Training and development staff – P23,762
• Customer service representatives – P23,369 noted that for its 2015 report, they focused on more specialized fields of employment.

“We want to keep the talents and the jobseekers informed of the going rate for their talent,” said Philip Gioca, who also pointed out that the study aims to give employees information on what is considered a completive salary for their particular specialization.

“We want to tell employees that these are the salaries now of the spectrum of jobs in the country, so that they will have a conscious effort to make sure that their salaries are at par,” he said.