What did French President Hollande write in the Malacanang guest book?

By on February 26, 2015

france francois hollande 2President François Hollande of the French Republic signs the Malacañan Palace guest book.

French President François Hollande’s inscription in the Malacañan Palace guest book, translated from the French: “My presence today is new proof of the profound friendship that unites France and the Philippines. In launching the Manila Appeal, our two countries mark our willingness to act for the preservation of the planet.”

(The inscription, in the original French: “Ma présence aujourd’hui est une nouvelle preuve de la profonde amitié qui unit la France et les Philippines. En lançant l’Appel de Manille, nos deux pays marquent leur volonté d’agir pour la préservation de la planète.”)

france francois hollande


Photos courtesy of Malacanang Photo Bureau