Wynne won’t ask her deputy chief of staff to resign while OPP probe byelection

By on February 18, 2015

Kathleen Wynne. Facebook photo
Kathleen Wynne. Facebook photo

TORONTO — Premier Kathleen Wynne says she won’t ask her deputy chief of staff to step aside while the Ontario Provincial Police investigate Pat Sorbara’s role in a Sudbury byelection.

Wynne says Sorbara’s role as the Liberal campaign director is separate from her duties in the premier’s office, so there’s no need for her to resign during the police investigation.

It’s the first time Wynne has commented since police filed a court document in which they say there are grounds to believe an offence was committed.

Andrew Olivier alleges the Liberals offered him a job or appointment to step aside as their candidate to make way for former New Democrat MP Glenn Thibeault — who won the Feb. 5 byelection.

Wynne maintains no specific offer was made to Olivier, and insists all the Liberals were trying to do was keep a “failed candidate” active in the party.

She also says the people of Sudbury had all the facts about the OPP investigation when they went to the polls, and still elected a Liberal.

The opposition parties are waiting to pounce on the OPP investigation into the Liberal’s behaviour in the byelection as the legislature resumes today for the first time since its Christmas break.