Christine Reyes shares baby’s photo

By , on February 14, 2015

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

MANILA — Actress Christine Reyes shared a photo of her newborn baby with boyfriend Ali Khatibi via Instagram.

Reyes gave birth to baby Amarah last Sunday and the baby’s photo was posted by the actress five days later.

She noted how bad she felt not to go home with her baby as the she was born prematurely.

“It breaks my heart at the time when Ali and I have to leave the hospital without her in our arms. It’s sad but we have to be strong,” Reyes said in her post.

Reyes also blasted her critics who were blaming her for the baby’s premature birth.

“I did everything to make sure that she was healthy. I read books, [sought] advice from my in-laws, family, friends and professionals to make sure all was well. I just don’t think it’s fair when people judge me and [say] that it was my fault,” Reyes said.

The actress is still hopeful that her baby will overcome her condition adding that her daughter will be a “champ” like her father.

“Our baby is getting stronger every day and we will be with her throughout the fight.

“She’s our wonderful blessing. She will win this battle like a champ just like her father,” Reyes said.