Cristine Reyes gives birth to a baby girl

By on February 12, 2015

CRISTINE REYES Photo courtesy of Reyes' official Facebook page
CRISTINE REYES Photo courtesy of Reyes’ official Facebook page

MANILA — Cristine Reyes finally gave birth to a baby girl.

On Wednesday, Reyes posted a picture of her and her boyfriend, Ali Khatabi showing that she is finally out of the hospital.

The same photo showing the actress and his boyfriend about to eat dinner in a restaurant was also posted by Katabi on his account with the caption:  “Late dinner with this hot momah?”

The actress has also posted several photos suggesting that she gave birth to a baby girl.

A photo of several gifts for the baby with a pink balloon and a mark stating, “It’s A Girl,” was posted by Cristine on her Instagram account.

On Tuesday, a columnist also confirmed that Reyes already gave birth last February 8.