Passengers endure ticket shortage at LRT

By , on January 30, 2015

LRT Train (Invest Philippines)
LRT Train (Invest Philippines)

MANILA – More than lining up for a long time to wait for the trains, passengers of the LRT Lines 1 and 2 are now suffering from shortage of stored value (SVTs) and single journey tickets (SJTs) making their journey more troublesome.

According to the officials of the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA), they are currently short of tickets following the implementation of the fare increase early January.

“The implementation of the new fares doubled the usage of SJTs and this resulted in an increased level of ticket production,” the LRTA said.

Before SJTs can be used, they still need to be processed by the tellers resulting in long queues at the ticket booths. As for the SVTs shortage, the LRTA said that it is because they are prioritizing the distribution of SJTs first.

LRTA administrators are now advising the public to buy their SJTs at Line 1 station booths and SVTs at Line 2 station booths.

“Tickets bought from LRT Line 2 can also be used at Line 1,” said the LRTA.