KFC continues to insist that chicken is bread with Double Down Dog

By , on January 27, 2015


(UPDATED) Think about your favorite hotdog sandwich—bun, hotdog, condiments, maybe some onions or chili con carne or bacon bits here and there.

That would be your typical hotdog in a bun. Nothing too fancy or ridiculous, nonetheless delicious.

But Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in the Philippines continues to firmly insist that chicken is the same as bread by bringing the Double Down Dog to Metro Manila.


Only available in eleven—yes, 11, probably for your own good—stores in the Metro, the Double Down Dog features a jumbo hotdog in between a fried chicken fillet shaped like a bun and topped with cheese sauce (or mustard?).

KFC seems to be doing this as a test run, since it’s only available on January 26 and 27 and each store will only have 50 pieces of Double Down Dogs per day. Talk about hard to get.

Raving about it? Hatin’ on it? Want it to stay for good? Or I think I should ask, are you one of the blessed few who got to sink their teeth into this chicken-hotdog monstrosity (or diabolical delicacy? Depends which side of the fence you’re on)?

Let us know what you think about it.

UPDATE: It’s staying for good and will be available in all KFC stores starting January 28, Wednesday. What a glorious day to be alive.