Philippines ranks 9th in index of worst traffic worldwide

By , on January 24, 2015

Manila traffic  (Photo courtesy of PanoBaMagBlog on WordPress)
Manila traffic (Photo courtesy of PanoBaMagBlog on WordPress)

A Serbian-based research outfit, Numbeo, recently released a report on the countries with the worst traffic in the world, with the Philippines taking 9th spot globally, and weighing in at 4th place in Asia. The study compared the traffic situation in 88 countries worldwide, using a “traffic index” in order to compare and determine the ranking of each country.

“The composite index of time consumed in traffic due to job commute, estimation of time consumption dissatisfaction, carbon dioxide consumption estimation in traffic, and overall inefficiencies in the traffic system,” Numbeo said, in explanation of the traffic index used in ranking.

Higher scores on the index reveal worse traffic situations, in comparison with other countries.

The Philippines was given a traffic index of 202.31, marginally higher than Thailand’s score of 200.79.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh was ranked as having the worst traffic in Asia, with an index of 280.43.

The top 10 countries with the worst traffic in the world, and their corresponding indices, are:

1. Kenya – 317.24
2. Egypt – 293.39
3. Bangladesh – 280.43
4. Bolivia – 243.93
5. Nigeria – 241.71
6. Jordan – 232.05
7. Iran – 214.14
8. South Africa – 208.39
9. Philippines – 202.31
10. Thailand – 200.79

With a traffic index of 45.49, Turkmenistan took the 88th spot in the list of countries; indicating that the country has the most efficient traffic management system of all the countries included in the study.