Senate adopts resolution supporting Pope’s Francis’ call for simple living

By , on January 22, 2015

Pope Francis delivers his speech in Malacanang, January 16 (Malacanang Photo Bureau)
Pope Francis delivers his speech in Malacanang, January 16 (Malacanang Photo Bureau)

MANILA — The Senate on Wednesday adopted a resolution urging political leaders to heed the call of the Pope Francis to live simply and in “outstanding honesty, integrity and commitment to the common good.”

Senator Aquilino Pimentel III earlier introduced Senate Resolution No. 1110, saying the Pope’s call is relevant since the Philippines faces the challenges of achieving inclusive growth.

”By following the Pope’s call, we will build a just nation in the service of our people, especially the least of our brethren, as we commemorate the year of the poor,” Pimentel said.

Senate President Franklin Drilon said the Filipinos need and deserve leaders who will make true of the Pope’s assertion that public governance is one of the highest forms of charity.

“Public service is not about power or control, it is about uplifting our people from poverty and hopelessness,” Drilon said, quoting a statement made by the Pope during his recent five-day visit in the Philippines.

Pimentel expressed hope that in the “Year of the Poor,” the country’s lawmakers, inspired by the theme of the Papal Visit of “Mercy and Compassion,” will pass more laws to benefit the common good and uplift the poor.

Pimentel, chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights, said the common good envisioned could only be achieved when the people are prepared to share in the gargantuan effort.

In filing the resolution, Pimentel said the Pope chooses to live simply as manifested, among others, by the emblems of his office that he wears at public functions.

He said the Pope has set aside the gilded symbols of the papacy that others before him had preferred in favor of the silver pectoral cross and the silver papal ring.

Pimentel noted that despite sincere efforts by the government, a significance percentage of the population continue to live in poverty and want.

Last Monday, Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino IV urged the Filipinos to put into action the messages delivered by the Pope.

”The best gift that Pinoys can give to Pope Francis is to put his messages into action. It is now time to live out the words of the Holy Father,” Aquino said.