COA report shows dubious gov’t transactions in the amount of P100-B in 2013

By , on January 22, 2015

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Wikipedia Photo

MANILA, Philippines – The recently released Significant Accomplishments of the Commission on Audit for 2013 shows that in that year, billions worth of government transactions were dubious, questionable,  or illegal.

The nine-page summary prepared by the COA revealed that in 2013, P100.83 billion in government exchanges were “illegal, irregular, excessive and doubtful,” involving 38,110 notices of disallowance (ND), notices of charge (NC) and notices of suspension (NS), which are classified as follows:

• ND – issued when government expenditures, covering the use of government funds and properties, are found to be “illegal, irregular, unnecessary, excessive, extravagant or unconscionable.”

• NC – issued in cases of dealings that are under-appraised, under-assessed or under-collected by revenue and regulatory agencies, as well as agencies which dispose of government assets.

• NS – issued when a transaction is of “doubtful legality, validity or propriety accompanied by a directive for accountable officials to submit clarifications or additional documentation.” An NS can progress into an ND,

The COA did not specify which government agencies or offices were involved.