Analyst to gov’t: Lay down concrete measures

By , on January 21, 2015

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MANILA – University of Santo Tomas professor and political analyst Edmund Tayao urged the government to lay down concrete measures and put a stop to all “motherhood statements.”

Based from the latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey, there is a disconnect between the popularity of President Benigno Aquino III and the “good” grade that the administration received.

“The disconnect shows there is no such thing as transferability of popularity or that people can distinguish the political personality from that of the administration or from that of the performance,” said Tayao.

The most recent SWS survey conducted last December showed that the administration received +34 net satisfaction rating, just a point lower than September’s result of +35.

Tayao mentioned that the current administration experiences the same problems faced by its predecessors which include mass transport situations and energy crises.

“The [present] government speaks of structural and systematic reforms, but there’s none,” said Tayao.

Given this, Tayao said that the results should motivate the administration to provide concrete measures and not just merely motherhood statements.

Aside from this, he also revealed that the administration received lower scores particularly in Metro Manila and Visayas. In the Metro Manila area, the SWS survey showed a +21 net satisfaction rating from +36, and in the Visayas at +31 from +45.

“Metro Manila would be the most critical, most objective in terms of looking at [the administration],” he said.

He expects the ratings to further drop, especially among residents in Metro Manila since it is “most objective in terms of looking at [the administration].”