‘Embutido’ featured in The New York Times

By , on January 11, 2015

screenshot of The New York Times feature
screenshot of The New York Times feature

MANILA — Another local meat dish usually served during fiestas has been featured in US daily newspaper, The New York Times (NYT).

In the article ‘The Rich Tradition of Filipino Embutido,’ NYT writer Francis Lim described the dish as an “egg-stuffed, raisin-speckled meatloaf.” which was “crammed with instant Pinoy comforts.”

“There’s a certain homely elegance to the dish, a rustic fanciness in rolling ground pork around boiled eggs so that, when sliced, there’s sunny yellow in the middle,” Lim wrote.

“But I was fascinated by the stuff that joined the pork party: raisins, sweet relish, ketchup, cheese, and of course, canned meats like vienna sausages and smoked ham,” he added.

Lim also mentioned in his article how the embutido was originally an adaptation of Spanish sausages.

“…During the American occupation, from 1898 to 1946, it became suffused with American products: An adaptation of an adaptation,” he noted.

He noted how a few younger Filipinos he had spoken to confessed that they don’t love embutido and treated it with the kind of emotional distance typically reserved for, say, fruitcake.

“Looking at the ingredients, I wouldn’t have believed it could be delicious either, but… I am a convert,” he said.

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