Iya claims friend Nikki is a virgin

By , on January 9, 2015

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MANILA – TV host and former ABS-CBN talent Iya Villania defended her close friend, singer-actrss Nikki Gil saying that the latter is still a virgin.

Villania’s statement came after criticisms questioning the virginity of Gil spread like wildfire in social media.

“She is still a virgin. And the only time she travelled abroad with Billy (Crawford) was for work. It was not a vacation,” said Villania.

One Instagram user voiced her opinion by posting a message in one of Gil’s photos saying that the actress needs to admit that she has had sexual experience with Crawford.

The comment reads like this,”Why everyone’s saying that you’re still a virgin? Everytime I’m seeing Coleen’s post a lot of people bashing her. Don’t deny the fact that once in your life with Billy (or even twice/thrice) that you went on a vacation inside/outside the country with him and it’s just you and him so please stop pretending that you’re still a ‘virgin’ for that five years relationship no one can ever believe okay? I wasn’t born yesterday.”

The said commenter was referring to Crawford’s current girlfriend Coleen Garcia. The two recently went to the Maldives for their holiday vacation.

It is known to the public that Gil is against premarital sex. Because of this, many speculated that Gil’s decision to stay virgin was one of the reasons why she and Crawford parted ways.

“Yes, that is perhaps my flaw. A lot of people told me that men have needs. If that’s the reason behind our break-up, then he does not really deserve me,” she once told a magazine during an interview.

She added, “Nobody told me to stay a virgin, or because I’m a stuck-up prude and holy-holy. It’s my choice. I’ve always been like this. Sex is something I value. That’s who I am!”

Gil is rumored to be in a relationship with businessman BJ Albert. Despite this, she still claims that her decision to stay a virgin still takes effect.