Errand girl from QC hits it big with P32-M lotto prize

By , on January 7, 2015

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With no other idea how to escape poverty, a young woman working as an errand girl in Quezon City did the only think she knew to do, as a possible way out of financial crisis: She took her chances on the lottery.

“I had no other idea how else to overcome poverty, so I tried lotto,” the 24-year-old woman was quoted by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) chair Jose Ferdinand Rojas II as saying.

The young woman met with Rojas at the PCSO office yesterday after she finally hit it big; winning the P32 million prize in the 6/42 lotto’s December 23, 2014 draw.

According to Rojas, the woman, who is still unmarried, would constantly use the same numbers – derived from the birthdates oh her family members –whenever she would purchase a P20 lottery ticket with money saved up from carrying out menial errands for her neighbors.

He added that the errand girl disclosed plans of putting up a business, as well as helping her siblings finish their schooling, with the prize money.

Rojas noted that the young woman is the 2,005th lotto millionaire.