CHR supports NBP reforms

By , on January 7, 2015

New Bilibid Prison (Monzonda / Wikipedia)
New Bilibid Prison (Monzonda / Wikipedia)

MANILA – The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) expressed their support in implementing changes in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) after recent raids revealed how convicted drug lords are living lavishly inside their prison cells.

On earlier reports, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said that she has reprimanded all the officials concerned and pledged to take action against faulty officials once the investigation is over.

The justice secretary also promised to start reforms that will renew the image of the institution.

According to CHR chairperson Loretta Rosales, “nothing less than a surgical operation” should be employed at NBP that will “totally destroy the drug trafficking network embedded in a web of corruption and payoffs institutionalized by historical government neglect.”

She also encouraged stakeholders to separate “once and for all the hardened criminals protected by, ironically, their confinement in the maximum security compound, and put a total stop to the syndicated crime of drug trafficking.”