Kathryn trends worldwide on heels of dramatic ‘MMK’ episode

By , on January 4, 2015

Photo: Facebook Page of Kathryn Bernardo
Photo: Facebook Page of Kathryn Bernardo

MANILA – Netizens were all praises for teen idol Kathryn Bernardo after she skillfully took on a dramatic role in 2015’s first episode of the TV drama anthology, “”Maalala Mo Kaya.”

Fans took to Twitter to gush over the young actress’ performance, causing Bernardo’s name to top the worldwide trending topic on the social media site after the drama aired on January 3.

On Saturday’s episode entitled “Parol,” Bernardo portrayed the role of Daisy, an adopted daughter caring for her mother, Erlie (played by Assunta da Rossi), afflicted with cancer; and her father, Ed, (played by Smokey Manaloto), a stroke victim suffering from a heart ailment.

Due to her parents’ ailments Daisy assumes the responsibility of being the family’s breadwinner. Her efforts at caring for them, in the end, prove futile, as both parents succumb to their illnesses..

For the duration of the episode, fans used the hashtag #KathrynBernardoTheMMKComeback to express their support and comments. Right after the episode aired, the hashtag took the top spot in worldwide trends on Twitter.

The former child star, now teen-actress – who has been given the title “Teen Queen” of the local showbiz scene – revealed that she is she is gradually moving from cutesy romantic comedies to more mature roles on television and the big screen.