DOH cautions: Do not disregard firecracker injuries

By , on January 1, 2015


MANILA – The Department of Health (DOH) has urged people who sustained slight injuries from firecracker blasts not to disregard minor burns and cuts as these could still result in tetanus.

Minguita Padilla, a consultant with the DOH, explained that firecrackers are composed of gunpowder which may contain animal manure in which the bacteria Clostridium testani, which causes tetanus, could be present.

“Firecracker injuries usually have particles such as cement and soil as a result of the surface on which they are exploded. All of these make firecrackers injuries dirty and dangerous,” Padilla said.

She said that as a first-aid measure, minor firecracker injuries and cuts must be soaped and washed thoroughly under clean running water.

Padilla stressed that those who have suffered even minor injuries from firecrackers should get anti-tetanus shots as a preventive measure.

The consultant said that if the eyes become irritated from firecrackers, the person must immediately wash the eyes out with clean water.

“But if there is damage to the cornea, go to hospital right away. Don’t attempt to remove particles on the eye with cotton or other means as it may cause materials to get more embedded,” Padilla said.

On the other hand, should firecrackers or any particles thereof accidentally be ingested, adult victims should drink eight to 12 raw egg whites, while children should take in six to eight of the same.

“Do not give oil, do not induce vomiting and avoid giving oxygen as this may cause explosion,” Padilla said.