Manitoba farm invites public to bring old Christmas trees to feed to goats

By on December 31, 2014


ST. NORBERT, Manitoba — A Manitoba farm is offering an eco-friendly way for people to get rid of their Christmas trees.

Jennifer Minotta of Aurora Farm in St. Norbert, Man., says their goats would welcome the chance to chomp on the discarded evergreens.

She says their herd of 40 goats eats Christmas trees all through the winter months.

She says it beats putting the trees through a chipper, plus it makes “a bunch of fuzzy, cute animals very happy.”

The Manitoba Goat Association says there’s an added benefit for the goats in that the tannin contained in the trees is a natural de-wormer.

The association also says that while it’s true some trees are treated with chemicals, the goats are usually smart enough not to eat those ones.

Minotta says the farm opens to the public every Sunday afternoon, and people are welcomed to bring their trees at that time.

“We can just throw the tree right in over the fence and kids and families can watch the goats eating them right away,” said farm owner Louis May.

After seeing a video of the hungry goats devouring a Christmas tree, Mark Kinsley, a City of Winnipeg recycling technologist, said people could take trees from the city drop-off locations if they wanted to donate them to a goat farm.

“As long as it’s getting recycled, that’s a great example. Just as when we chip it, so we’re happy to oblige,” said Kinsley.