Firecracker injuries now at 130 — DOH

By , on December 29, 2014


MANILA — The Department of Health (DOH) said Sunday that a total 130 fireworks-related injuries (FRWI) was recorded as of 6:00 in the morning of December 28 or increased by 17 as of Saturday.

The said 130 FWRI cases was 31 percent lower in the same period last year (2013) where a total of 233 cases was recorded.

The top number of cases was noted in the National Capital Region (NCR) wherein a total of 49 cases took place, followed by Region 10 with 12 cases.

Regions 6, 7 and 11 recorded a total of 9 injuries each; Region 2 with 8 cases; Regions 3, 4A, and 5 with 7 cases each, Regions 1 and 8 with 6 cases each while only one was recorded in Region CAR.

To date, there are still no recorded FWRI in Regions 4B, 9, 12, ARMM and CARAGA.

The 129 cases were due to fireworks injuries while only one case of fireworks ingestion was recorded involving a five-year old boy from San Mateo, Rizal who swallowed the “luces” firecrackers when he mistook it as candy because of attractive packaging.

About 6 cases required amputations while 25 cases sustained eye injuries when the firecrackers hit portions within their eyes.

One hundred thirteen 113 victims were males with ages ranging from 3 to 68 years old.

About 47 cases were children 10 years old below.

The banned and illegal small firecracker “piccolo” is still the top culprit for all cases as the said firecracker was said to have caused a total of 86 injuries among the users.

Twenty-two cases of firecracker injuries in NCR took place in the city of Manila, followed by Pasig City with 8 cases, Las Pinas, Mandaluyong and Pasay City with 3 cases each.

Still, there is no official recorded stray bullet incidents so far.

The DOH reiterates its reminder to the public to remind the children that firecrackers should be avoided and never consider it as a kind of toy or instrument for fun and merry-making in celebration of the season and in the coming new-year revelry.

The DOH keeps on saying on its campaign that there are other alternatives ways of creating noise to make the welcoming of new year enjoyable other than using firecrackers.

DOH director Cirilo Galindez of HEMS (Health Emergency Managements) Bureau said that firecrackers can be deadly and destructive to the future of children as using firecrackers is like gambling to a sad fate where chances of losing hands or becoming blind and disabled instead of staying active and productive will likely to occur.

“It is also destructive to the environment as firecrackers emits by firecrackers are destructive also to the environment,” Director Galindez added.

Galindez added that it will be wiser move that instead of buying firecrackers the public will just place their money over buying their basic necessities and other foods that their family can happily eat together.