Rogen, Franco, others react to ‘The Interview’ online tream

By on December 26, 2014

James Franco and Seth Rogen star in "The Interview." Photo courtesy of Yahoo!
James Franco and Seth Rogen star in “The Interview.” Photo courtesy of Yahoo!

NEW YORK — Celebrities react to Sony’s announcement Wednesday that it released Seth Rogen and James Franco’s North Korea satire, “The Interview,” on digital platforms:

– “You wanna watch The Interview?? You can RIGHT … NOW!! … Thanks Sony for making it happen. Booyah.” – Rogen on Twitter moments after “The Interview” became available.

– “I need to say that a comedy is best viewed in a theater full of people, so if you can, I’d watch it like that. Or call some friends over.” – Rogen added on Twitter moments later.

– “Merry X-mas MERICA! !!!!!THE INTERVIEW IS LIVE!!!!!! !!! … Thank you SONY!!!!!!!!” – Franco on Twitter shortly after “The Interview” became available.

– “Take a picture of yourself watching it and I’ll `LIKE IT.'” – Franco on Facebook moments later.

– “THEINTERVIEW IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! SonyPictures prevailed! GIVE THE GIFT OF FREEDOM!” – “The Interview” co-writer-director Evan Goldberg, on Twitter.

– “This Just Not In: King Jung Un says `The Interview’ is `a laff riot, the feel-good movie of the year.’ It was all a dream.” – Actor Harry Shearer on Twitter hours before the online release was announced.