Residents rescue stranded dolphin in Currimao town

By , on December 26, 2014

PNA photo
PNA photo

CURRIMAO, Ilocos Norte — Jesusa Victoria, named after a female spinner dolphin was rescued by residents here on Christmas Day after beachgoers found her near a shallow water in the coastal village of Victoria, this town.

According to Arthur Valente, fishery regulatory officer of the Provincial Agriculture Office and team leader of the Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network-Ilocos Norte chapter, said that at about 10:30am on Thursday, the Philippine Coastguard reported that another marine mammal was stranded in Currimao town, making it the 15th stranding case since January, this year.

As of press time, at least 15 trained volunteer responders including two veterinarians from the Provincial Veterinary Office are trying to provide supportive care to the stranded dolphin, which appears to be in ‘depressed’ condition.

The dolphin measures 1.67 meters and approximately 45 kilograms. “There are no wounds and scratches but there’s no buoyancy,” said Valente as they took blood sample for blood profiling study.

While waiting for the blood profiling result, responders remained on standby to guard the dolphin from curious beachgoers.

Valente theorized that the depressed dolphin may have been hungry searching for food when found by beachgoers.(