Coleen: Billy inspires me

By , on December 18, 2014

Billy Crawfprd and Colleen Garcia (Photo from Crawford's Facebook page)
Billy Crawfprd and Coleen Garcia (Photo from Crawford’s Facebook page)

MANILA – Actress and host Coleen Garcia reacted to comments saying that her current boyfriend Billy Crawford is not right for her because of their 10-year age gap.

“He inspires me, really motivates me to be the best person I can be,” said Garcia in defense of her partner. “I’ll stand by his side because that’s what partners do.”

Garcia also shared that she even talked to her mother about Crawford when they were just starting out with their relationship.

“My mom asked if I was sure it’s worth it. I said it’s not easy to be with me, any more than it is easy to be with him. Whatever problems he is experiencing outside our relationship, I had nothing to do with,” she explained referring to Crawford who was charged with malicious mischief and disobedience after making a scene in a precinct in Taguig City.

She added, “Billy has been a very good boyfriend, so far. He’s a very caring partner to me. Everything that I am looking for in a guy, I found in him. I’m not saying he’s already perfect, I just feel that he’s the perfect partner for me.”

She also believes that Crawford will be there for her all the time.

“I know that whatever happens, he will support me and will never pull me down. He’s very honest to me. I feel like I’ve found not just a partner, but also a friend whom I can share all of my problems with and who will always understand me,” explained Garcia.

She added: “I wouldn’t be with someone unless I believe that this person is really the one for me. A relationship is all about work and commitment. When your relationship is tested, that’s when you see how much you love each other.”

Aside from her love life, Garcia is also busy with several upcoming projects including a local adaptation of “Pasion de Amor.” She will also be part of a new film by Gino Santos under Star Cinema.