Binay camp says VP political enemies want him jailed

By , on December 17, 2014

binay fernando poeMANILA – The camp of Vice President Jejomar C. Binay claimed that his political enemies want him jailed in order to prevent him from running in the 2016 Presidential Elections.

They added that his enemies are also planning to link him to properties in the United States in order to discredit Binay further.

According to the Vice President’s spokesman Joey Salgado, they are expecting “more attacks” not only against Binay but his family as well. He added that his enemies are serious on sending him behind bars before the 2016 elections happen.

“They will do these things to prevent him from running in 2016,” said Salgado referring to the motives of Binay’s detractors.

In a separate interview, Binay said that allegations against him are “baseless and politically motivated.”

“It’s a conspiracy to prevent me from being elected as the president of our country,” said Binay. “The government is now really being used against us. We are being investigated by the NBI, the Ombudsman, and the AMLC,” he added.

Moreover, Binay admitted that he is also expecting more allegations about properties in the United States which he did not even know about.

He noted that ex-Makati vice mayor Ernesto Mercado talked to their friends to persuade them into witnessing against him. Mercado even “took photos of some properties in the US, and will make it appear that the Vice President is the owner.” To which Binay replied that Mercado is really the owner.

Meanwhile, Binay expressed his disappointment over the subcommittee investigation of the Senate Blue Ribbon. He said that the agency that was “supposed to be in aid of legislation, has already strayed from the original intent of the resolution that started it.”

“This, basically, is a perception game. Definitely, there is no end game, in so far as the law is concerned. And what is the end game? Conviction,” said Binay.