Survey shows 88% Filipinos hopeful for next year

By , on December 16, 2014

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda
Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda

MANILA – Recent survey by Pulse Asia showed that almost nine out of 10 Filipinos are looking forward to next year in a positive way.

The survey took place from November 14 to 20 and it revealed that 88 percent of Filipinos are hopeful in the coming of 2015.

According to Pulse Asia, it was the predominant sentiment in the whole of the country and across socio-economic class.

More Filipinos also expect to spend Christmas in a grander way compared to last year with 34 percent saying that their celebration this year will be bigger compared to 22 percent last December 2013.

On the other hand, 14 percent said that they expect a lesser Christmas celebrations for their families this year compared to 24 percent last year.

For 52 percent of Filipinos, they will celebrate Christmas the same way – almost the same as last year’s figure which was 54 percent. The same sentiment was shared by respondents in Metro Manila (51 percent), rest of Luzon (55 percent), Mindanao (51 percent), and Classes D and E (53 percent and 51 percent, respectively).

The said survey of Pulse Asia was participated in by 1,200 adults, aged 18 and above. Margin of error is at plus or minus three percentage points with 95 percent confidence level.

Meanwhile, Malacañang said yesterday that they are looking forward as well to becoming the people’s source of hope for next year.

“Hope and optimism have always been characteristic of the Filipino people, who, throughout history, have consistently refused to give in to negativity, or to be cowed by challenges,” said presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda in a statement.

He added, “We are a government borne of our people’s belief that the tide can turn in the Philippines; that good governance can replace an entrenched culture of corruption.”

Lacierda also noted that the administration will keep on impelenting reforms to honor Filipinos who are still optimistic.

“In this way, we can all ensure the virtuous cycle of change: a government committed to realizing the hopes of our countrymen, and a people fully engaged in fulfilling their individual roles in nation building,” said Lacierda.