Ceasefire against rebels effective Dec. 18 to Jan.19 — AFP

By , on December 15, 2014

CPP NPA. Photo courtesy of HaloFanon Wikia
CPP NPA. Photo courtesy of HaloFanon Wikia

MANILA — The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Monday announced that the Suspension of Military and Police Operations (SOMO), for the coming Yuletide Season, will take effect this Dec. 18 up to Jan. 19.

“We would like to announce that upon the recommendation of the AFP as concurred to by the Philippine National Police and favorably endorsed by the Department of National Defense, the President has approved the Unilateral Declaration of Suspension of Military and Police Operations against the CPP-NPA from midnight of 18 December 2014 to midnight of 19 January 2015,” AFP spokesperson Col. Restituto Padilla said.

The declaration of the SOMO against the NPA will highlight the government’s sincerity to pursue peace.

“However, the AFP and PNP forces engaged in law enforcement operations, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HADR) and defensive operations which include security of vital installations and infrastructure projects will continue their current posture and will continue to operate to ensure the safe and secure celebration of the Yuletide Season,” he added.

Padilla said the AFP will continue to undertake active security operations and proactive actions to secure civilian communities, government establishments, investment facilities, vital installations and military bases.

“Support operations will also be sustained to assist the civil authorities, government instrumentalities and other agencies and their mandate for peace, development and humanitarian assistance programs,” he said.