The real score between Megan and Mikael

By , on December 11, 2014

Instagram Photo posted by Megan Young.
Instagram Photo posted by Megan Young.

MANILA – It seems like actor Mikael Daez and 2013 Miss World Megan Young are ready to admit that they are indeed an item.

While the two have long denied that they are together, nowadays, actor-host Mikael Daez is singing a different tune.

“I cannot confirm and I cannot deny (the matter),” said Daez during a recent interview.

There may no longer be a need for it after netizens saw their photos that they have uploaded on their respective Instagram accounts.

On Sunday, Young posted a photo of herself in the act of kissing a guy who greatly resembles Daez. She also included a caption that said, “Make each moment count. Make each memory amazing.”

Before her post, Daez also uploaded a black and white photo of himself about to kiss a woman who looks like Young.

When asked if they will finally admit their relationship after Young relinquishes her crown and scepter, Daez said that nothing will change between them.

“Whether the reign finishes or not, things will stay the same. I’m going to work, she’s still going to work. We’re still going to see each. The labels that people use to brand relationships should not get in way of any friendships and relationship,” said Daez.

He added, “Relationships in general should not be affected by your career. So I think I would be that kind of person – regardless of work or external factors, the relationship will stay the same.”

Daez also shared how proud he is of Young for “doing well” as the Philippines’ first Miss World.