Caloocan ‘serial rapist’ apprehended by police

By , on December 9, 2014


MANILA – The suspect in a series of rapes in Caloocan City has been apprehended, 5 months after he was ordered arrested by Caloocan Mayor Oscar Malapitan.

Albert Biol, 42, was arrested on Saturday night after he broke into and ransacked a house in the Bukid Area, killing the homeowner in the process.

Police arrested Biol at the Bernardino Hospital, where the suspect had gone for treatment of injuries sustained in a scuffle with the slain homeowner, Benjamin Alhambra, 32-years-old.

Upon checking their records, authorities found out that Biol was wanted for rape under the alias of Daniel Mercado.

Since his arrest, ten women victimized by Biol have positively identified the suspect as the man who raped them at gunpoint; according to Caloocan police chief Senior Superintendent Bartolome Bustamante.

Bustamante noted that the rapes occurred within a span of a few days, and that they were expecting more women to come forward and press charges against Biol.

The police chief added that the suspect was caught after officers at the scene of the break-in found evidence of a struggle. They then searched nearby hospitals, which led them to Biol. The suspect had sought medical attention for a head wound he sustained when the victim hit him on the head before he was killed by Biol.

Meanwhile, Mayor Malapitan assured the women that the city government will assist them in their quest for justice for the crime committed against them.