Mayweather will fight Pacquiao if the price is right, says report

By , on December 8, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr., Wikipedia Photo.
Floyd Mayweather Jr., Wikipedia Photo.

MANILA – A recent article in a popular American sports magazine said that Floyd Mayweather will only fight Manny Pacquaio”if the price is right.”

According to Chris Mannix in his article for the Sports Illustrated, Mayweather would only agree to fight Pacquiao if he will receive two-thirds of the revenue from the fight.

Mannix wrote the article after receiving a report from a close source to Mayweather that the asking price is the biggest obstacle why the match is not yet happening.

“There continue to be indications that the finances of this anticipated showdown will be a significant obstacle,” Mannix said in his article.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum denied the claim saying that he is already in coordination with CBS CEO Les Mooves to talk with Mayweather regarding the fight’s terms.

“Based on my conversations, that is not accurate,” Arum said in the Sports Illustrated story.

The same story also mentioned that M. Akbar Muhamad, a promoter from United Aram Emirates, already offered $110 to Mayweather to stage the bout in Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, Pacquaio already expressed his willingness to fight Mayweather after beating Chris Algieri in Macau. As a matter of fact, his camp made use of social media to convince Mayweather to agree to this much-anticipated fight.