Final glimpse at “Be Careful With My Heart” as series come to end

By , on December 3, 2014

Be Careful with My Heart
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MANILA – The longest-running and most-loved daytime drama series “Be Careful With My Heart” comes to an end after making millions of viewers hooked on the love story between Ser Chief (played by Richard Yap) and Maya (played by Jodi Sta. Maria).

According to Sta. Maria, one of the main reasons why the show lasted for more than two long years is because of the viewers’ reception. Who would have thought that the simple fairytale-like story featuring barrio girl Maya and widowed businessman Richard would turn out to be one of the highest-rated series in the history of Philippine TV?

“I think that the audience was able to relate to the main characters. They are ordinary people, ordinary characters that face challenges. Maya worked hard to achieve her dreams and along the way met Richard,” shared Sta. Maria.

“Be Careful With My Heart” tells the story of Maya and Ser Chief. Maya was from the province who got hoodwinked by a group of syndicates who promised her a job abroad. Along the way, she met Ser Chief who offered her a job in exchange for his help. Maya became a maid and nanny of Ser Chief’s youngest daughter. While fulfilling her duties, she found herself falling in love with Ser Chief and his whole family. The two were married and had twins.

When asked about their favorite moments, Sta. Maria shared that she loved the scenes wherein she played the nanny. Meanwhile, Yap said that his absolute favorite would be the wedding.

With all the fun memories that they spend, the two shared that they will be very sad to see the show end.

“I’m still in denial even though here it [ending] is. I think I will be very emotional once I hear our director shout the words ‘pack up’,” shared Sta. Maria.

On Friday, join the whole cast as they prepare for the show’s grand finale.

“The ending will be a surprise for all. But rest assured that it will be good vibes until the end. Meaning, there will be no explosions, police arriving on the scene,” said Sta. Maria while laughing.