Binay’s meet with BSP officials was ‘no political activity’

By , on November 29, 2014

Vice President Jejomar 'Jojo' Binay (Facebook photo)
Vice President Jejomar ‘Jojo’ Binay (Facebook photo)

Vice President Jejomar Binay recently joined 80 national and regional executives of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) for a morning walk which began behind Manila City Hall, and ended up at Binay’s residence at the Coconut Palace in Pasay City.

Binay and the BSP officials, who were in Manila for the 55th Annual National Scout Executive Conference, then shared a meal at the Coconut Palace.

Over lunch, the vice president – who is thus far the longest-running president of the BSP – told the scout leaders that his “office is open to all members of the BSP.”

“But we will not [only] end up meeting here, it goes without saying,” Binay added, eliciting warm applause and cheers from the group.

As to whether this was in reference to his 2016 bid for the top seat in Malacañang Palace, Binay told reporters that his statements should “not be mixed with politics,” and that the activity with the BSP officials was “no political activity,” but merely downtime from their conference.