Richmond Nature Park hosts owl show

By on November 27, 2014


Are you curious about your silent and intriguing bird neighbours that sleep during the day and wake at night to hunt for prey? Then meet rehabilitated owls and their handlers from the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL) at this weekend’s Owl Show on Dec. 7 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The show at the Richmond Nature Park is presented by OWL, an organization that helps injured or orphaned birds of prey. Many of the birds in this organization’s care will be rehabilitated and released into the wild, but some birds have irreversible injuries and must remain in care. The special birds that are not released become educational ambassadors teaching people firsthand and up close about owls and their habitats, unique traits and adaptations.

A representative from the Urban Owl Conservation Project, sponsored by the Science and Technology Branch of Environment Canada, will show you how owls are tracked by radio. Using this method, scientists can determine where owls live in Richmond, the quality of and risks to their local habitat. Despite the human challenges these birds experience, Richmond is home to a remarkably high owl population.

The Owl Show is suitable for all ages. Photos are permitted and children can create an owl mask to take home.

While in the park, visit the Nature House to check out Nature in your Neighbourhood, an exhibit featuring Richmond’s urban wildlife like racoons, coyotes, skunks and crows.
The Richmond Nature Park is located at 11851 Westminster Highway.

Admission to the Owl Show is by donation, with all proceeds supporting educational programs provided by the Richmond Nature Park Society. For more information, call the Richmond Nature Park at 604 718-6188 or visit