Drilon detractor ignores ‘persona non grata’ label

By , on November 19, 2014

Senate President Franklin Drilon. Photo courtesy of Drilon's official Facebook page.
Senate President Franklin Drilon. Photo courtesy of Drilon’s official Facebook page.

MANILA – Former Iloilo provincial administrator Manuel Mejorada shrugs off the move of the Iloilo City Council, declaring him a “persona non grata.”

On Wednesday, Mejorada said during an interview in Bombo Radyo that City Council members are taking orders from Major Jed Patrick Mabilog. Mejorada was the one who filed a plunder complaint against Senate President Franklin Drilon last month.

He also said that the City Council lacks “common sense” in issuing the resolution.

Last week when he faced the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, he blamed Drilon and other Cabinet officials for launching the “overpriced” Iloilo Convention Center project.

Aside from this, he also referred to Iloilo City as the country’s “bird’s nest of corruption” during his meeting with the panel.

However, he admitted that he had no proof about the corruption claims.

“I have to admit that right now there’s no evidence, because right now I have no subpoena powers,” Mejorada said.