Catapang willing to return to Caballo Island

By , on November 19, 2014

Caballo Island (Photo courtesy of Corregidor ProBoards)
Caballo Island (Photo courtesy of Corregidor ProBoards)

MANILA — Despite criticisms from some sectors, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief-of-staff Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang is more than willing to return to Caballo Island should there be a pressing need for him to do so.

However, AFP public affairs office chief Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc clarified that this will need clearance from the Department of Health.

And as of this posting, he added that all the 133 peacekeepers in Caballo Island are fine despite one who is suffering from sore threat.

But he also clarified that this peacekeeper is now being handled and taken cared of by medical teams there.

Cabunoc also took time to explain that Catapang and other ranking officials, who visited Caballo Island Sunday, did not violate medical protocols as United Nation doctors and medical personnel, who gave the 133 Filipino peacekeepers a clean bill of health, were not wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) while doing their examinations.

This took place last Nov. 8 or four days before their arrival in the Philippines.

These troops were transported to Caballo Island aboard a Navy ship on Nov. 13.

PPE is only required when extreme cases of Ebola infection is detected.