Gov’t urged to appoint ‘port czar’

By , on November 18, 2014

Wikipedia Photo of Manila's overcrowded port
Wikipedia Photo of Manila’s overcrowded port

MANILA – Private sector representatives are now urging the government to appoint a “port czar” who would look after the port problems in the country including smuggling and traffic jams.

“Only one person should handle port congestion and other problems, and this should be a port czar,” said Noemi Saludo, chairman emeritus of the Port Users Confederation (PUC), one of the Ports Summit convenors.

The summit, attended by the government and private sector representatives was held to analyze the country’s port problems and create possible solutions.

Cited as one of the many ways to address the port congestion, the private sectors noted that appointing a “port czar” may be better than “always blaming the truck ban.”

“We thought, maybe somebody should handle this because they are always blaming the truck ban,” Saludo said.

She added that the truck ban is only among the reasons causing the congestion at the ports.

“But what is happening inside? That’s why we decided to hold this (summit),” she said.

She cited the Philippine Ports Authority’s (PPA’s) decision to designate managers who will oversee the issues inside the port.

She, however, said that other problems including traffic, congestion, abandonment of containers and smuggling, among others should also be addressed.