Fatherhood not yet priority says Zanjoe Marudo

By , on November 18, 2014

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MANILA – Actor Zanjoe Marudo shared that despite his new role as a father in his newest series “Dream Dad,” he does not have plans of having a child yet.

“I like working with children because I learn a lot from them. I don’t know why I’m being offered the same types of roles lately. I find it hard to say no because the projects are all interesting,” said Marudo.

While he looks forward to being a father, he added “I still have a lot to consider before I start my own family. For now, it’s enough that I get to hang out with children at work. I always grow fond of my young costars and treat them as my kids.”

Meanwhile, when asked about the rumor that his relationship with girlfriend Bea Alonzo is on the rocks, Marudo explained that he has no idea where it started.

“Nothing has changed. I don’t know where that came from. We’re just having issues because of work schedules. It’s not true that we’ve been fighting,” he said. “Bea just got really busy when her show (‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’) was about to end. When she finally had free time, it was time for me to work on ‘Dream Dad.’”

He also said that he and Bea are unaffected by the rumor.

“If we’re having problems, it’s up to us to solve it. We don’t want to involve the public,” he explained. “It’s a good thing that we’re in the same business. We are able to discuss issues maturely. We both understand that, since show biz work is never stable, we should grab every opportunity that comes our way. When one is free, it doesn’t mean the other should stop working just so they can be together.”

He added, “We’ve always been very open to the media about our relationship. People saw how our love story developed. So, if a big thing like marriage is going to happen, our supporters will be the first to know. I know it will happen, eventually. I’m serious about Bea. I’m no longer interested in nights out, or even looking at other girls. I’m focused on work and on making sure [the family I will have] is set up for a bright future.”

The secret to their lasting relationship is communication, said Marudo.

“We make sure to communicate. We don’t let intrigues affect us. We think of how the other person will feel before doing anything crazy. We adjust to be able to give what the other person wants.”