ASG bandits cornered soon — military

By , on November 17, 2014

ABU SAYYAF GROUP (Photo courtesy of the Institute for the Study of Violent Groups)
ABU SAYYAF GROUP (Photo courtesy of the Institute for the Study of Violent Groups)

MANILA — With the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) bandits suffering massive losses in Friday’s encounter, Joint Task Group Sulu commander Col. Allan Arrojado on Sunday said that it is only a matter of time before the brigands will be cornered completely by pursuing military units.

Arrojado made this statement after noting that the ASG suffered many wounded (around 30 aside from 10 dead) in the five hour battle in Talipao, Sulu last Nov. 14, while the government side sustained five dead and 28 wounded in action.

“Because of their wounded, they can’t just go down (from their mountain lairs) and escape. We know where they are and we will definitely corner them,” Arrojado said in Filipino.

The Joint Task Force Sulu commander also added that it was the military which had the upper hand in Friday’s encounter with the estimated 300 bandits as Scout Rangers and other troops were able to infiltrate the ASG positions.

And despite being outnumbered initially, government troops in that savage fight were able to give a good account of themselves as attested by the ASG casualties.

Arrojado also said that most of the government casualties were incurred when the ASG, who were reportedly high on illegal drugs and marijuana, made constant head-on attacks against our soldiers, despite heavy gunfire.

He also said that law enforcements operations against the bandit group will continue until there is peace in Sulu and other nearby provinces.