Vic Sotto: Good luck to all MMFF participants

By , on November 16, 2014

Wikipedia Photo
Wikipedia Photo

MANILA – Vic Sotto sends his regards to all the participants of Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

“Of course, I wish everyone good luck and I also wish good luck to the whole film fest. I hope we surpass our achievements last year. It may be hard, but we will never know,” said Sotto.

He added, “Last year, that was a record-breaking result. It’s difficult to break, but of course the possibility is there.”

With all the blockbuster films attributed to him, he said that he does not mind landing on the second spot for this year’s MMFF.

“It’s okay even if we’ll be on the second spot, but it’s better if you’re the box office hit. Anyway, it’s just a number,” he noted.

Sotto’s “My Big Bossing’s Adventures” will be shown together with “Praybeyt Benjamin 2” starring Bimby and Vice Ganda.

When asked how he feels about it, he said “our films are different. I don’t think there will be any conflict.”