Why Vice Ganda is busy despite being on leave

By , on November 13, 2014

Vice Ganda
Vice Ganda

MANILA – Host and comedian Vice Ganda on Thursday clarified why he looks busy even if he is supposed to be resting.

Recently, Vice Ganda took a temporary leave from “It’s Showtime” because of health reasons. That time, he also explained that the leave was not due to any arguments or misunderstandings with co-workers and the management.

While on leave, he still works for “Gandang Gabi Vice” and continues to attend several high-profile events. He is also taping for “Praybeyt Benjamin 2 for the Metro Manila Film Festival.

During his interview on “Kris TV” on Thursday, Vice Ganda used the opportunity to set the record straight once and for all.

“The events that I go to don’t really require me to talk and talk,” said Vice Ganda.

He added, “Some are asking why I attend my GGV episodes and not Showtime. My reason is that GGV taping only happens once a week, while Showtime happens every day. As much as possible I try not to abuse my voice in order for me to get better soon.”

Vice Ganda also stressed that he is doing his best to rest and recover by sleeping early, avoiding spicy food among others.

He shared that he will undergo surgery in January next year and reiterated that he will be back very soon at “It’s Showtime.”