Maegen never listens says Marlene Aguilar

By , on November 11, 2014

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Facebook Post

MANILA – Marlene Aguilar revealed that she had already warned her niece, singer Maegan Aguilar, about her partner even before the incident that left the latter with injuries.

Marlene, sister of Freddie Aguilar, on Saturday used her Facebook account to share her thoughts on what her niece’s live-in partner Alexander “Ali” Sanchez did to Maegan.

“I told Maegan to leave Ali, but she didn’t listen,” Marlene said. “I would never understand why women would stay with a man who is jobless and violent. He is a lazy and he would always rely on to Maegan. Add to that, he also physically abuses her. Maegan should have thrown him out the first time he laid hands on her.”

During her tell-all interview with Mario Dumaual on Monday, Maegan said that Sanchez became violent after she ended their relationship because of Sanchez’s fits of rage whenever he is in his drunken “blackout state”.

She also said that Sanchez is unemployed and does not have the means to provide for her financially. She added that her gigs together with her band were their only source of income.

Given what happened to her over the weekend, Maegan was provided a 15-day protection order against her live-in partner.

She also revealed that Sanchez’s family planned to put him in a rehabilitation center.