Vice Ganda hints at returning to “It’s Showtime”

By , on November 10, 2014

Vice Ganda
Vice Ganda

MANILA – Vice Ganda hinted that he will return as a host to “It’s Showtime” after taking a break given his health condition.

During his interview on Sunday on “The Buzz,” Vice Ganda was asked about how he feels about the “madlang people” missing him on the show.

To which he replied, “Thank you so much, especially to those who misses me. We’ll see each other again. Hopefully before Christmas we’ll see each other again.”

In an earlier interview, Vice Ganda said that he needs to rest following his recent hospitalization.

“I need to rest in order for my throat to heal faster. I don’t want to lose my voice, that’s why I had to undergo hospitalization. After this, I need to rest for at least two weeks,” he shared.

His doctor also advised from excess physical movements and from “getting too excited.” Thus, he needs some time off from “It’s Showtime.”

Vice Ganda also stressed that his leave was not due to any complications with his co-workers or the management.