Maegan Aguilar battered by live-in partner

By , on November 9, 2014

Facebook Post
Facebook Post

MANILA – A person saying that she is the best friend of Maegan Aguilar used her Facebook account to share how Aguilar was allegedly beaten up by her live-in partner.

Maria Silorio on Sunday posted photos of Aguilar that showed how the latter was abused by her live-in partner when she tried to break up with him.

“My bestfriend Maegan Cornet Aguilar received this nasty beating as a ‘parting gift’ from her live-in partner when she firmly tried to end their relationship today. Ali’s an alcoholic who often reaches a violent black-out state and beats up my friend and threatens her life,” Silorio said in her post.

She added, “Maegan does not want to go to the authorities to file a blotter against him because she does not want the public to know about her problems with her live-in partner. But this recent incident brought a lot of pain to her.”

According to Silorio, Aguilar’s right arm was dislocated and she has a lot of bruises and contusion at her back and hips.

Aguilar has not commented yet regarding the matter.

Aguilar is the daughter of OPM legend Freddie Aguilar. Earlier, she made headlines after criticizing her father after marrying a minor.