Container art illustrates progress on new Minoru Complex

By on November 8, 2014


New heritage wraps on storage containers have been unveiled in Minoru Park. A selection of archival photographs has been sourced from the Richmond Archives to remind residents of the history and continued importance of the Minoru Civic Precinct to the recreational and social life of Richmond residents.

Three of the containers, which are being used as storage and to house electrical controls on the construction site that will eventually be home to the new Minoru Complex, have been wrapped with images of present and past uses of Minoru Park. The horse racing images depict a time when Minoru Park was home to what was at one time considered the best racetrack in western North America. Another image features Centennial Pool, the first major recreational development by the city on what is now Minoru Park.

The Minoru Civic Precinct Public Art Plan was officially endorsed by city council on Oct. 14. Initiated as part of the project’s Public Engagement Plan, the container wraps are an example of how public art can be used to transform the places where we live, work and play into environments that invite interaction.

The Public Art Plan aims to provide opportunities to experience artistic expression in the most public locations and reflect and enhance the unique services and programs offered in the facilities, including Minoru Complex and Brighouse Fire Hall No. 1, as well as the larger Civic Precinct as a whole.

“Our goal for the Minoru Complex is to be a centre of excellence for active living and wellness for our community,” says Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “The Minoru Civic Precinct Public Art Plan supports this objective by creating opportunities to bring art, sport, recreation and culture together in the Minoru Civic Precinct.”

Another significant milestone for the Minoru Complex was achieved Oct. 27, with the council’s endorsement of the floor plan and the preliminary form and character design of the new facility that will house a new aquatic centre, older adult centre and amenities to support the revitalized sports fields in Minoru Park.