Trike driver gets unexpected reward for returning P140K

By , on November 7, 2014

Wikipedia Photo
Wikipedia Photo

MANILA – An honest tricycle driver from Aklan got an unexpected reward after returning P140,000.

Reynaldo Gregorio, 44, was driving his tricycle when he found a pouch in a highway on the road in Kalibo, Aklan.

The pouch which belonged to an engineering custodian of Garcia College of Technology contained P140,000 and several documents.

Gregorio, who immediately returned the pouch to the owner, was given a scholarship for her 17-year-old to study in the school for free.

His daughter stopped from schooling as their family could not afford sending her to school.

Gregorio, who earns about P300 a day, was also given a certificate of appreciation by the school.

It was learned that Gregorio’s daughter had stopped schooling because the family could not afford it.