Diverse Voices: Multicultural Authors Share Their Stories at Richmond Library

By on November 7, 2014


As part of Multicultural Week, Richmond Public Library will be hosting a Diverse Voices: A Multicultural Author Panel on Nov. 20, from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Kwok-Chu Lee Living Room at the Brighouse (Main) Branch, 7700 Minoru Gate.

“The authors will talk about how their cultural experiences shape their writing, and how their writing is inter-cultural, showing similarities rather than differences between people,” said Shelley Civkin, library communications officer. “Our goal is to focus on people from different cultures living together in harmony, and to highlight what we all share,” added Civkin. The panel will feature the following writers:

David. H.T. Wong is the Vancouver born author of Escape to Gold Mountain: a Graphic History of the Chinese Community in North America. Mr. Wong’s family migrated to North America from China 130 years ago, inspiring him to write this acclaimed graphic novel. Wong is a recipient of a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal, and was inducted as an Honorary Witness by Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission in recognition of his work with our many communities locally and internationally.

Bong Ja Ahn is a bilingual poet and essayist born in Korea. Ms. Ahn is a regular literary columnist for local Korean newspapers, literary magazines and anthologies published in Canada and Korea. She is the winner of several literary awards including: World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award; Outstanding Overseas Korean Poet Award, and the Richmond Arts-Cultural Leadership Award Finalist. Ahn is the author of five poetry books and two essay collections.

Dan Propp is a musician, author and photographer. Both his parents had escaped Nazi Germany and made their way to South America before the outbreak of WWII. Born in Bolivia and speaking Spanish and German, at the age of five, Dan and his family moved to Gibson’s Landing on the Sunshine Coast. His books are set in BC and look back at what life was like in the 50s and 60s living on the West Coast.

Silvana Goldemberg is an Agentine-Canadian award winning author of numerous books and magazines for children and teens, published in Spanish and English. Her young adult novel Victoria, was a BC Book Prize Award nominee and her children’s play Zoological will be staged during December in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is also a kindergarten teacher.