Conservative immigration policies making Canada less welcoming for Filipinos

By on November 6, 2014

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OTTAWA – Changes to the live-in caregivers program show that Conservative immigration policies are closing Canada’s borders to Filipinos.

“Conservative cabinet ministers have long been saying that the number of live-in caregivers is ‘out of control’ in this country,” said NDP Multiculturalism Critic Andrew Cash (Davenport). “They’re now targeting the Filipino community by arbitrarily capping permanent residence applications.”

The arbitrary cap could mean that almost 1500 fewer caregivers will have the opportunity to apply for permanent residency, compared to the old system.

“As we’ve seen in other immigration categories, arbitrarily capping applications doesn’t clear backlogs,” added Cash. “The Conservative’s piecemeal and risky approach to immigration is making Canada a less welcoming place for Filipinos.”

New Democrats, under the leadership of Tom Mulcair, will fight these changes and will work to make sure live-in caregivers are treated with respect and dignity.

Released November 3, 2014