Fans, cineastes show their support for Lav Diaz’ film at Tokyo fest

By on November 1, 2014


Lav Diaz (Photo from Facebook)
Lav Diaz (Photo from Facebook)

TOKYO— Acclaimed Filipino independent filmmaker, Lav Diaz, is making his mark at the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival.

A number of fans showed up at Nihonbashi Toho Cinemas on Sunday to catch the 10:20 a.m. screening of the director’s film, “Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon.”

The 145-seater cinema was just about filled with loyal supporters of Diaz, students, and avid film buffs who all stayed until the very end of five-and-a-half-hour feature. Majority even stayed well after the last credit rolled, to actively participate in a 15-minute question-and-answer opportunity with actor Joel Saracho.  The actor stood in Diaz’ place, as the latter is currently in the thick of working on a new film in Manila.

During the session with Saracho, the audience expressed their appreciation of film artistry. One Japanese fan commented that there was “no forced moment” in the movie.” Another – who had also watched the director’s film, “Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan” at last year’s festival – praised the director for the consistency of his work.

“It’s amazing that he got to make two long and wonderful films in just two years,” the fan said.

Diaz has won several international awards for his films; which often take on the issues surrounding the social and political state of the Philippines. He is likewise known for producing pieces with a screening time of well-over two hours.