Bag snatcher jumps in sewer; flushed out by firemen

By , on October 22, 2014

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MANILA – A thief with nowhere to flee after snatching a lady’s handbag thought to elude authorities by jumping into the city sewer system.

According to reports received by Barangay South Triangle Deputy Ervin Espadilla, the suspect, Jonathan Gamboa, and his accomplice, Efren Garis, committed the crime at approximately 7 a.m Tuesday.

Both fled the scene, but after a brief chase, Garis was accosted by tricycle drivers in the area. Gamboa, on the other hand, hid in the sewer.

Authorities stood guard at the sewer system’s exit points on Mother Ignacia Street and Timog Avenue, while firemen tried to flush Gamboa out by spraying water into the sewer.

It took almost two hours for Gamboa to emerge from his hiding place; after which, he denied his involvement in the crime.

At the police station, however, he retracted his initial denial, and confessed to the theft. Gamboa said that his wife cheated on him, and also said that he needed money for food.
Both Garis and Gamboa have prior jail records for theft and use of prohibited drugs.