42-day quarantine urged for OFWs returning from ME

By , on October 22, 2014


Ebola virus (Shutterstock photo)
Ebola virus (Shutterstock photo)

MANILA – As a precautionary measure to keep the deadly Ebola virus away from Philippine shores, the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) has proposed that Filipino workers returning home from West African countries affected by the outbreak should first be quarantined for a total of 42-days.

PCP president Anthony Leachon said yesterday that a suspected Ebola patient should be isolated 21 days before leaving West Africa and an additional 21 days upon arriving in the Philippines.

“We should protect our country first from the entry of Ebola virus, especially those coming from West African countries who are in the area of greatest peril. This should be the focus of our efforts in the light of the looming global epidemic on the dreaded virus,” Leachon emphasized.

“This is based on the new findings of the study of the World Health Organization that the incubation period of Ebola is 42 days and not 21 days,” he added.

Leachon likewise pointed out the importance of implementing the quarantine period as soon as possible, given the anticipated influx of Filipino workers from West Africa as the holiday season approaches.

Aside from having created a task force to assist the government in its public awareness campaign versus the Ebola virus, Leachon said that the PCP is also willing to help put together a training program for hospital workers who will be the inevitable “front line” in responding to Ebola cases.